Autumn 2020


Today we woke up (at 5:30 a.m.) to snow, so I felt like I should document autumn before it’s so far in the past I can’t remember it. I know the world is a scary place this year in many ways, so I almost feel guilty saying so, but we’re having a really good fall. I thought this fall would be about school buses and kindergarten and quiet(ish) mornings with my two boys, and while we ended up with something quite different, what we ended up with is great.

I love homeschool Kindergarten. Alice loves homeschool Kindergarten. Heck, Peter loves homeschool Kindergarten! We do school 4 mornings a week plus an hour or so in the afternoon, and then on Fridays we go on a hike. Alice is flying through her math and is learning to read with alarming (to me, anyway) speed. I am terribly thankful to get to watch her learning these magical skills, and even more thankful to see her thriving. Johnny wiggles along when he’s awake, and Peter is always up for the projects and read-alouds and works on his coloring books and such while Alice and I busy. Sometimes Alice and I will do phonics in the afternoon during Peter’s quiet time if he doesn’t seem up for independent time in the morning. Either way, we’ve found a rhythm for our days that works very well for us all.

Johnny is such a sweet baby, and he continues to be the most popular member of the family. We’re all enjoying him so much. He’s got true blue eyes, an easy going temperament, and a look all his own.


So, what have I been doing, other than taking care of all these crazies? My garden got killed by a frost early on, and honestly, I wasn’t heartbroken. Instead I’ve been working on a second quilt, getting pretty darn good at sourdough loaves, and am knitting matching cardigans for the big kids. I finished Alice’s, and she likes it but it came out pretty small, so now I’m hesitant about the one I’m working on for Peter. I read a wonderful book about reading called The Enchanted Hour and a friend and I are reading Dostoevsky’s Demons. I finally bought a Kindle on Prime Day and am enjoying all the free classics and the fact that I can more easily read one-handed while holding John. I just finished Man in the High Castle and am now ploughing through Mansfield Park….so good! I can’t believe I hadn’t read it before. Philip and I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix (I highly recommend) and I deleted everything from my phone except texting and…phone. My phone, being now thoroughly uninteresting, lives a lonely life in a basket on the counter. I also unsubscribed from every email list I’ve somehow gotten on and gosh, I’m really enjoying my peace and free time.

IMG_6922 (1)IMG_6932 (1)

Well, time for phonics and some Little House read-aloud. Hope everyone is having a cozy afternoon and are all geared up for some voting tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Autumn 2020

  1. What a treat to see you all! I can just imagine how Alice is enjoying her learning. I can’t wait to see how much of it Peter digests too. Choosing your attitude about life often determines your level of happiness. Well done!

  2. Such a delight to see your happy little ones at play and at school, and cozied up with Papa. Thank you for the Autumn update.

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