Alice Virginia, 2 Years Old


On Friday Alice turned two! The night before, as Philip and I were hanging balloons and wrapping gifts, we got a little sad about how fast she’s growing up, but two year old Alice is such a delightful, chatty, capable little person that it’s impossible to stay sad about that for long.

Two years old is the perfect age for birthday appreciation. Alice had been looking forward to it for weeks and had told us exactly what she wanted to have happen on her birthday…balloons,  party hats, friends, cake, birthday song. Happily, she got exactly what she had been hoping for. Alice helped make the cupcakes (chocolate zucchini with blueberry cream cheese frosting) the day before, and on Friday morning all her friends came over to help eat them up and celebrate with hats and balloons. After her friends went home we walked to the park, which is a daily occurrence but which she still thinks is the best thing ever, and then spent the late afternoon and evening opening her gifts and watching her enthusiastically playing with them. I made pizza for supper, and Alice had an early bedtime after which Philip and I drank our coffee and ate her birthday cake for her. It was a great day.


Alice second year was such a good one, and we’re looking forward to another great year with our big little girl.


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