Garden Notes- July


I’m a bit disappointed with my flowers this year, which I am blaming on our ridiculously long, cold, and rainy spring and early summer. Everything is pretty far behind, so I’m still hopeful that in a few more weeks I’ll have some more color. My dahlias have yet to bloom but the plants look gorgeous, so maybe August and September will be beautiful…dahlias are my absolute favorite.

#1. I had a terrible germination rate on my cosmos (I’m talking like three plants out of 30 seeded), which did so well last year. Perhaps the seed all washed away? I bought a “pop socks” variety, and based on the few itsy blooms I’ve had so far, it looks like they aren’t going to live up to the description of a scabiosa-flowered blossom. Speaking of which….

#2. I bought “Zinderella Lilac” zinnia seed, which is also supposed to be a scabiosa-type flower. Well, so far they are miniature single-blossom zinnias in a super pale pink. Sigh. But! My Benary giants haven’t started blooming- they might be gorgeous!- and my little Liliput zinnias are bright and cheerful.


#3. My gladiolas are just now blooming, but they were a very happy and surprising success story. Here in upstate NY we are supposed to lift gladiolas in the fall, which I dutifully did….for the most part. Well! It turns out that those I left behind survived the winter, multiplied, and came roaring back. I particularly love this ruffly pale yellow/green with pink variety. I barely remember it from last year, I think I maybe got one spear, but it’s going great guns this summer. Maybe the location along the house foundation kept them toasty enough all winter? Either way, I’m going to leave them be this fall. Or perhaps I should divide them? I guess a bit of research is in order.


Here’s hoping that I’ll be back later this summer with gorgeous dahlias!



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