A Wee Summer Sweater & A Summer Adventure


Hello! After a little blogging hiatus I’m back with yet another version of my favorite small cardigan, the Wee Liesl. I find this pattern unparalleled for its adorableness and ease of knitting, although I’ve decided that next summer I should probably branch out and make Alice a different short-sleeved sweater.

This is the first thing I’ve knitted for Alice where she’s been aware of the fact that I’m making something for her. When I was working on it around her there was lots of chatter on her part about “yarn ball” and “knitting” and “Mama sweater Alice.” She wanted to try it on as soon as the buttons were on, which was very sweet.  I really enjoy that, especially as I know the time may come when she won’t want to wear sweaters I make her (although I still wear sweaters my mother makes me with great pleasure, so maybe not!)


I used my very favorite fingering weight yarn, Finch by Quince and Co. in the colorway Chanterelle. Now, I understand most people think it’s just beige, but I love the slight purple/pink cast and find it quite enchanting. At any rate, it goes with everything and is less prone to showing stains than lighter shades.

This time around I had three pearl buttons from Philip’s great-aunt’s button box I specifically wanted to use, so I cut down on the number of buttonholes. I rarely button Alice’s sweaters all the way so am happy with my decision. I also made it shorter than the 18-24 month size called for, mostly because I wanted to hurry up and be done and also because I thought it seemed fine at this length.


I finished up this sweater right before we went on a trip to the big city last week, and I’m happy to say that while Alice’s stroller costs an average of $700 less than the strollers of those Brooklyn tots, her handmade getup was unrivaled (in my humble opinion…)


We had a great time in the city. Alice loved riding all the “choo-choo trains,” enjoyed our “new house” (an airbnb in Brooklyn), and appreciated all the parks and playgrounds and friendly city dogs. On our way back we stayed with friends of ours in Connecticut, and she is still talking about “friend Miranda and Mister Cam.” I do like to travel, but I particularly like coming home. Despite living just hours away for the past two years, I had never been to NYC, and while I did like it, I’m so glad I don’t  have to live there! Living in a small town suits us well.


I hope to be back soon with some further updates…but no promises! Summer has us pretty busy with weeding and kiddie pools and sandboxes and bike rides and guests and general summertime fun.

p.s. Should you be curious to see previous versions of this sweater, or if you’d like to see heartbreaking pictures of Alice being a baby, see here and here.

2 thoughts on “A Wee Summer Sweater & A Summer Adventure

  1. So bloody cute! Love the color and the cropped look and the Gram’s buttons. Yes, the best dressed child in New York. Coming to Maine this year?

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