Easter 2017 & an Easter Dress


We were lucky to have an absolutely gorgeous Easter weekend. We invited over several families on Saturday morning for an Easter brunch and it was so warm we were able to eat on the deck. Brunch is really the perfect meal to invite people with kids over for, too. I’ll have to remember that. I filled the house with flowers and we had baked oatmeal, little cakes in the shape of chicks, deviled eggs, and all kinds of lovely offerings from our friends. I filled plastic eggs with yogurt covered raisins and hid them (in plain sight) around the house for all the kiddos, and Alice was waaaay more into it than any of the other toddlers. Once she realized there were treats inside the eggs she began systematically searching out the eggs, emptying them of the raisins, and collecting the raisins in a plastic cup.


On Sunday, after leftovers for breakfast (Alice decided she’s wild about deviled eggs) and the ceremonial opening of the Easter Basket, we dressed in our Easter finest, went off to church, and then spent the afternoon outside enjoying the weather. Alice is endlessly enthusiastic about the park these days, so even though we take her almost every day she still treated it like a special occasion. I can hardly believe what a big girl Alice is this Easter when compared to last years’ pictures.


I made Alice’s Easter dress several weeks ago from the loveliest little pattern: Apple-Picking Dress by Oliver+S. I chose to make the 3/4 length sleeve version and made the double-flounced skirt. The fabric is a piece of Liberty of London that I bought on sale before Alice was born.


The pattern went together beautifully and hopefully it will last her a while, since I made the 18-24 month size. My pictures of it aren’t fantastic- it’s much harder to photograph a toddler than a baby!- but you’ll have to take my word for it that’s it’s really adorable on her and fits well.



I hope everyone else had a good holiday weekend. We’re having a busy and fun Spring here at Bellrose Cottage…more updates hopefully coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Easter 2017 & an Easter Dress

  1. Love the Easter dress and the blooming forsythia Easter tree. Such a beautiful family and lovely growing little girl!

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