Spring Break 2017!


Well, I do know one thing…this “spring” break is going to really make us appreciate spring when it finally arrives around these parts. Philip had last week off from school, most of which we spent thoroughly snowed in with two feet of snow. Our initial plans (zoo! the dog park! etc!) were put on hold and we instead enjoyed a week of cozy inside things, like baking and reading and knitting and board games. All in all, it was a good time…but I’m not going to lie, I’m really itching for some warm weather.

Alice has developed a very strong (and reasonable) association between being outside in snow and coming inside and having “co-co.” She’ll even look at a picture of a sled in a book, point, and request some cocoa. We had lots of cocoa last week. Alice is also increasingly into specific songs and books, so we listened to “Puff!” (the Magic Dragon) and “Baa-Baa” (as in Black Sheep) on repeat. She’s still very into books with baby faces and loves the little baby magazine, Babybug (“Bay-Buh”). We’ve started giving her a book to take to bed with her, and as we leave the room she starts reading it to Mr.Bear and Baby. She seems to refer to the past by  referring to a person or object we saw and then saying “bye-bye,” which I think is pretty clever. Somewhere along the line I was warned that 18 months was a really tricky time, but I think that observing her begin to really acquire language skills more than makes up for some crankiness. Besides, she’s always been a cranky little miss!


Fingers crossed that March is going to go out like a lamb!

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