Update- January 10


Happy 2017! We’re having a cold but busy start to the new year. Philip was off to a conference this first week and my mother came to visit. We were just planning to steam clean the living room carpet, but we ended up also painting the walls a brighter white, re-arranging, setting up a little corner for Alice, painting a bookcase, and putting up some shelving. It’s nice to start the new year off with a successful project, and we’re very happy with the way this one turned out.


Always having been one for lists and goal-setting, I love January. While I will definitely always still have a knitting project (or two) on my needles, and I have a couple sewing projects in mind, my goal is to spend more time painting. To that end, I’ve done a little bit of prep work this week and have been doing a little sketching. Other than that we’ve been making birthday cards for some little friends who turn one this weekend and have been trying to stay as busy as possible inside on the coldest of days. Alice loves going outside and sledding when it isn’t too cold, and she’s been picking up some new words, including “shoe” and “moon,” which she can point out both in picture books and in real life. Aside from the whiny voice, I’m really enjoying 16 months!


We have a birthday party to attend and are having house guests this weekend, so we’re excited about the coming week. Hope you’re all staying warm and are having a good start to the new year.



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