Meet Snoozy Suzy


For the record, I was all set to name her something like “Fiona”…or with that hair, perhaps “Demelza”…but as I was stitching her up I idly asked Philip what her name should be and his answer was “Snoozy Suzy!” which was clearly more appropriate. So, meet Snoozy Suzy. Alice already knows her by name.

I have always absolutely loved dolls, so I can’t help but be delighted that Alice likes baby dolls. At our church nursery she always goes right for the sad and dirty baby doll, and whenever someone has brought one along to storytime or playgroup she steals it at the first opportunity. Clearly Alice needed a baby doll this Christmas! I’m so happy with the way Snoozy Suzy turned out, and Alice seems very pleased with her very own baby doll.


I made Snoozy, as she goes by in informal company, from a pattern I bought ages and ages ago. In 8th grade I made a Waldorf doll and thought I’d make another, but I only got around to making and stuffing the head. This fall I finished the rest of her with Alice in mind. She is made of cotton jersey and stuffed with wool. I was supposed to have stuffed her more firmly, but I wanted her to seem very cuddly. Her limbs are movable and jointed with thread…yes, I anticipate having to re-attach her limbs more than once, but I really wanted her to be able to suck her thumb. I made a little pouch filled with lavender and popcorn kernels and buried it in her torso so that she’s heavy and smells comforting.


The instructions called for crocheting the hair, but I do not crochet. Instead I knit a little cap of mohair, sewed it on, and then brushed it roughly with Philip’s lint brush to make it extra fuzzy.


Naturally I had a good time planning Snoozy’s wardrobe. I really wanted to go all out but I  reminded myself that this is a toy for a one year old, and I can always make her additional clothes once Alice is more into dressing dolls. With that in mind, I chose a super soft, huggable fleece for a night shirt. I faced the neckline with Liberty of London lawn, because why not use your most expensive fabric on baby doll clothes?! I knit her a pair of pants out of Drops Alpaca. They are just very simple and have picot edging at the ankles and at the waist. Finally, her pixie bonnet is based on the same pattern I’ve made several times for Alice. I added tiny pom-poms on the end of the i-cords, and I’m glad I did because Alice seems to love them.


Snoozy Suzy definitely represents a lot of work and I’m actually surprised that I don’t feel more protective of her. I know she’ll get dirty and will see a lot of wear and tear, but we all know that dolls don’t mind that sort of thing and are just happy to have little people who love them.



One thought on “Meet Snoozy Suzy

  1. Snoozy is charming. Her little face is so sweet. That and your attention and thoughtfulness about details makes her irresistible, I’m sure. I am sure Alice will take after you and love her dolls. Nana undoubtedly is smiling about this.

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