Little Cable Cuffed Knee Socks


I am happy to announce that four years after knitting the first sock, I have finally finished the second! I knit these from a free pattern located here and used Cascade Heritage sock yarn that I bought at my old yarn shop in Nebraska. It’s 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon and is nicely soft and springy.


The pattern is knit toe-up, which is my preferred sock-knitting method, and I knit them on double pointed needles because I haven’t ever figured out the magic loop technique. Besides, I like to be old-fashioned. I knit the smallest size and removed some of the increases to make them a bit smaller because I really didn’t want them to end up falling down. Happily, they fit quite nicely.

The only real design features are the small cable up the back and the cuffs at the top. I love the simple look, although I will say that it’s a lot of plain knitting on size 1 needles. Next time I may choose a more lively pattern in an attempt to avoid second sock syndrome.


All in all, they were a fun and easy knit and since finishing them I’ve spent a lot of time perusing other sock patterns. I’m stunned by how many free and beautiful sock patterns are available online! Next up, a pair for Alice from the leftover red yarn…

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