Update-November 16


This past week has, for our family, been peaceful and warm. There were walks in the woods and lots of books, friends at the library, roast chicken and pot-roast. All week however, I’ve been keenly aware that many in our country who are more marginalized than us have new causes for fear- fears of being separated from their families, of losing their health care, and of facing freshly emboldened racist and misogynistic sentiments. Beyond keeping our daughter’s life calm and bright and raising her to be respectful of creation and her fellow travelers,  I’m at a loss for what I can do. But I’ll be looking for something.

This week in photos:


The flour on the living room floor was not a sanctioned activity, by the way. But it was thoroughly enjoyed until the vacuum arrived.


I can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving already! I hope you all have a good week planning your pies and enjoying this unseasonably warm November.



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