Update-November 5


We’ve been doing a lot of playing around here. I liked having a newborn, and a six-month old was adorable, but I’m really, really liking early toddlerhood. For the most part I subscribe to the “a few good toys and lots of unstructured time” theory of play, but I’ve been enjoying setting up a few little activity invitations lately: an opened pumpkin, a tray of uncooked oatmeal and a scoop, some jars and lids. We’ve also been spending more time outside and at the playground since she can run around and climb now.

This week we had a playground meetup with a friend, and last night we went to a dinner party at which Alice was one of three toddlers. Alice, of course, doesn’t play cooperatively yet, but she seems to like having some older kids to watch and get ideas from.

Other recent items of note: Philip served on jury duty three days last week, I started some mittens and needle felted some little wool balls for Alice, read Fallen Land by Taylor Brown (so good!), and made lots and lots of snack plates for Alice, who is constantly hungry. It was a great week.


It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day here, and hopefully a good week. Alice is very excited to walk with us to the polls tomorrow…don’t forget to vote!




4 thoughts on “Update-November 5

  1. She is so gorgeous! I love what you are doing with the dishes of oatmeal and the pumpkin spooning. Are you studying Montessori? looks a lot like it. I work at a Montessori school and really wish I had known more about it when the kiddos were younger. Also, I see your row of Anne books there on that shelf! I just brought 3 home from the library to get me through wreath season! (your favorite is here too)

  2. How to Raise an Amazing Child The Montessori Way by Tim Seldon
    Any thing by Paula Polk Lillard, Especially Montessori Today
    I have one called, Basic Montessori Learning Activities for Under 5s by David Gettman It shows the basic Materials in a Montessori classroom and I think this is the one that tells how to make your own.
    Of course Maria Montessori wrote an entire library herself!
    Have fun

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