A Ramona Cardigan


img_4665A couple months ago I decided I should stop buying yarn for a while. In an effort to make a dent in my wool stash I decided to make this basic cardigan from the remains of a sweater I frogged and unravelled many years ago. I had my eye on the Ramona pattern (here) for a while and it just so happened that the yarn knit up at the correct gauge. Perfect!

Alas, as you will see if you clicked on the above link, my Ramona doesn’t live up to the charmingly cropped and close-fitting sweater pictured in the pattern. Instead, I have yet another oversized cardigan to add to my oversized cardigan collection. A quick spin in the dryer at least rendered in wearable, and I actually like it well enough, it’s just not what I was hoping. I measured it and it is the size promised, I just figured in a lot more wearing ease than I should have when I chose my size.


The yarn is one of my favorites: Briggs and Little Regal. It’s a nice wooly wool that feels like it will last forever, and I love the heathered color. I had juuust enough, and used lots of little ends and pieces in order to make the sleeves long enough. Of course, had I just selected the correct size…


The pattern is lovely. Simple, easy to follow, top-down seamless construction. Clearly it’s just a basic raglan cardigan, but I like the wider button bands, the waffle-like ribbing at the hem, and the faux seam running along the side.


I chose coconut buttons which are nice and light, and despite a heavy appearance, the cardigan does feel surprisingly light. All in all it was a snap, and since it was knit on size 9 needles it took me less than a month to complete. It’s nice to have a mindless knit sometimes…and I have the satisfaction of having used up some yarn that was taking up space in the sewing room! Now I just have to find room for it over in the sweater chest…

Photoshoot outtakes:


I don’t know how I get anything done!

p.s. For the curious, details on Alice’s cardigan are here.




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