Happy Halloween 2016


Happy Halloween from backstage at Swan Lake! Alice donned her costume this morning in preparation for a party with her baby friends happening later today. She’s not too into photoshoots these days and had to be distracted by a baby doll that she is normally not allowed to play with. It did the trick of keeping her from ripping off her headpiece and attacking the camerawoman. Philip and I are just going to dress up and be members of the ballet audience, which is pretty appropriate as we do spend most of our time watching Alice.


Hope you’re all looking forward to a festive Halloween…it’s not really my favorite holiday, but I did enjoy an excuse to make a little tutu and headband and I’m sure looking forward to enjoying an Almond Joy or two tomorrow. I’m off to gussy up for the party!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2016

  1. I love the tutu and head piece. This costume and costume plan – dancer and audience – are inspired. Hope you all had fun!

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