Update-October 28


It snowed yesterday! And there were some flakes flying around this morning too. I wish I could say it was the magical kind of first snow, but actually it was just really cold and drizzly and dark the rest of the day. It did, however, inspire me to continue work on Alice’s winter coat and to go out and get her a pair of winter boots this morning. I also got out her winter “baby bag” and all the hats and mittens, because my primary resolution for this winter is to not let the weather keep us inside.

We’ve had a great couple weeks- my mother was in town last week and Alice enjoyed having her Nana around to play with. I sorted through and organized my yarn stash, which I am happy to report is shrinking, and I made good progress on a sweater. Oh, it’s so close to being done! I’m almost done with Alice’s Halloween costume, and about halfway through making her a winter coat too. So many uncompleted projects!

Some other things going on around here:

Alice practiced her sledding technique for later this winter.
Lots of bumping to Boston with Nana.
Collecting leaves on walks.
I found a very reasonably priced cleaning service! 
Alice figured out her stacking toy and is very excited about her new skills.
Pumpkin-shaped pumpkin biscuits!
I got started in on some top-secret Christmas gifts. Those colors!
And Alice helped me work on her Halloween costume…
and read lots of books.

Speaking of books, I just read a good book called News of the World by Paulette Jiles. Lately I’ve just been grabbing things I’ve never heard of off the new book shelf at the library and I’ve been having remarkable success. Before that I read Nutshell by Ian McEwan, and it was good too. Right now I’m finally getting around to Go Set a Watchman which I’m not really enjoying but will force myself to finish. What should I read next?

This weekend I’m hoping to finish a project or two, finally clear out the flower beds, plant bulbs before the ground freezes, and stay cozy. Happy weekend!

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