Update- October 14


Yesterday was our 4th anniversary and I was remembering back to last year when we celebrated over pizza and a mock-carrot cake because I couldn’t bring myself to get out of the house with my one month old to buy carrots. My life is so much easier this fall! We had a great day- we took a trip to the bookstore and Trader Joe’s, I made Charley a coat (details forthcoming!), we went on a walk, I made stuffed acorn squash and roast chicken- and a little carrot cake- and we ate after Alice went to bed.

We’re having a gorgeous fall. A frost nipped most of my zinnias and dahlias, so I think this weekend I’ll clear out the garden. I’ve been keeping a little pot of apple peel and cinnamon stick bubbling away on our stove in the mornings to make the house smell seasonally appropriate, and Alice has been playing with mini pumpkins. I’ve even been making Philip and I pumpkin lattes for our post baby-bedtime treat (I’ve been using this recipe, for the curious).

Alice is walking more than crawling now, although she generally refuses to walk with shoes on. She’s very into climbing onto furniture, reading books (and being read to), taking things in and out of containers, “loading” the dishwasher, and chasing Charley around with his harness. Her current favorite books are Going LobsteringLittle Sleepyhead, and The Little Composter.  I’m getting so, so, tired of them that sometimes after the umpteenth retelling I hide them…

Some recent photos:


This weekend we’re going to tackle a few tasks around the house (like moving the kitchen stove to rescue a baby fork that fell behind it) and I’m going to hopefully make some good progress on my latest knitting project. Hope you all have a great weekend ahead.


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