A Knit Onesie


I only knit about a row on a sweater for myself before seeing this pattern and darting upstairs to find some leftover yarn with which to cast on. Alice is only going to be a baby for so long, you know, and I’ll have myself to knit for forever.

The pattern is “Spring into Summer” by OGE Knitwear Designs (found here). I loved the garter stitch and the pattern made by the stitch decreases on the front and back. I used heavier yarn than called for and so I made the smallest size, but it’s still quite large and blousy on Alice. That’s fine with me, though I would prefer it to be a bit more close-fitting.


I used a ball of Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool that I have had kicking around for years. As far as cheap wool goes I think it’s okay, and it always feels good to use up something in my stash. It’s soft enough, particularly since I think Alice will wear this with tights when the weather cools down. Unfortunately something (a moth?) had nibbled through the yarn hank, so there were many breaks that I had to weave in.


This pattern is made on straight needles and seamed up the sides. The buttonholes on the straps and the crotch are knitted with the main pieces, so there is very little finishing work required. I didn’t block this, since it’s already large and I didn’t want it to grow at all, and I also know that I’ll end up washing it soon anyway. Alice prefers feeding herself these days and she also likes to rip off bibs. Nothing stays out of the hamper for long.


I don’t think I’d make this pattern again, though I would definitely make another knit onesie. Maybe I’ll just design my own. I’d prefer a seamless construction with less ease, perhaps with a nice cable up the front, or along the front decreases. I think I’ll get right on it!

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