Summer Vacation- Maine



We returned last Tuesday from a week long trip to Maine. We’re lucky that my family lives in one of the most beautiful places, because visiting family really feels like a vacation. We had such a good time visiting and we managed to cram in all the things on our to-do and see list. It had been a while since I had been home in the summer, and the only time Philip had seen a Maine summer was the year it rained every single day.

By the way, I hope you’re comfortably settled in with a cup of tea, because I had a really hard time choosing my favorite photos.

We decided to do the ten hour drive there in one stretch, and it was actually a good time. We drove on state highways through New Hampshire and Vermont because we thought it would be more fun, which it was for a while, but I was glad to be getting onto the highway once twilight set in. Alice wasn’t exactly thrilled to be in the car that long, but she amused herself fairly well and then fell asleep for the bulk of the journey. We stopped for a picnic lunch in eastern New York and then at a tiny elementary school in Vermont to use their playground.


Once in Maine we did a good job of filling our days. We really lucked out and had gorgeous weather the whole time. We visited the new trails by Schoodic Point and ended with a family cookout on Frasier Point. One of Philip’s co-workers gave us a baby frame pack which was really handy to have. I think Alice enjoyed having such a good view on our hikes.


One day we drove further downeast with my mother and visited Helen’s for pie and then on to Roque Bluffs. I had only been there once before back when I was in high school and I was blown away by how gorgeous it is. I even picked out which house on the side of the beach I’d want if I won the lottery. Alice absolutely loved playing in the waves and kept wanting to run right into them. The water was icy, but she didn’t mind a bit. I am looking forward to visiting there again next summer when she can enjoy the beach even more.


One day Philip, Alice, and I took off and drove over to the Island. We walked around the top of Cadillac, drove through the park, and had a picnic in Northeast Harbor. Alice had her first taste of a lobster roll and ate an impressive quantity of watermelon. We had planned a few more stops, but Alice fell asleep so we opted the drive all around the Island instead so that she could continue her snooze.


I always like to walk around Hancock point when I’m home and pick out a house to imagine living in…this was my pick this time:


Charley enjoyed the ocean too, by the way.


Of course we spent lots of time just hanging out at home, which was great. Alice enjoyed opening and closing the doors, playing with her Nana, Grampa and Uncle, the baby swing in the back yard (I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of that!), playing with LLBear, and bouncing to all the music. She also learned how to play a kazoo, started standing unsupported for a few seconds, and ate her weight in blueberries. We saw family for tea times and dinner, and Philip and I even got out one evening for dinner.


We drove the scenic route home, stopping overnight in Portland on Philip’s birthday. We took Charley to the Portland dog park, walked around downtown and went out for Indian food. We had planned to find Philip a piece of cake at a nice restaurant somewhere, but Alice ended up falling asleep in the hotel room so instead I ran out for a little grocery store cake…which we ate in the bathroom so as not to wake up Alice. At first I thought it was a little disappointing, but it ended up being rather hilarious and certainly memorable!


It was a really great trip- all the sights and activities we had hoped to get in, time with family, and several of the tea parties with my mother and aunt that I always look forward to. But of course, it’s always great to be back home at Bellrose Cottage and I came home with some new treasures to put around the house and plans for canned peaches and new sewing projects. I plan on getting the most out of our last few weeks of summer…and of the last few weeks before Alice turns one (!!).




4 thoughts on “Summer Vacation- Maine

  1. What a beautiful Maine vacation! Picnics and hikes, wild flowers, waves and watermelon, you all had lots of fun. And family too!

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