Update- July 21


Home again, home again! We’ve had a good week back at Bellrose Cottage and I feel like we’ve crammed quite a bit in. It’s been hot and humid, but we finally got one good rain.

My flower garden is doing very well- the snapdragons are gorgeous and the gladiolus and zinnias are starting to go crazy too. I think that next year I’ll buy even more gladiolus- they’ve done so well while the more expensive bulbs (ranunculus and freesia) made a halfhearted attempt at survival and none have bloomed.


The markets and farm stands are starting to get really good and it almost makes me glad that we don’t have a vegetable garden this year. It’s nice to be able to really buy things at the farmers’ market. The strawberries and blackberries have been particularly good- see all the jam on that shelf back there? I’ve had to make bread twice this week to keep up with our desired jam consumption. And oatmeal jam bars…and muffins…


I discovered a new hobby this week! I made a little counted cross-stitch to hang in Alice’s room and I had such a good time. I really wasn’t expecting to like it all that much, as I’ve hated needlepoint when I’ve tried it in the past, but I really loved it. I ordered the kit here and was very happy with everything about it, right down to the cute packaging. I finished it in a couple days and am now going to try my hand at designing my own little something to hang in the bathroom.


The other big excitement of the week was that Philip and I finally gave in and got smartphones. Our phones were both at the bitter ends of their lives and in researching new ones I realized that we were actually paying more not to have smartphones. A new gadget necessitated the creation and decoration of a new little felt sleeve, pictured here with new yarn for Alice’s fall sweater.


Alice seems to have enjoyed resuming her typical activities as well. She crawled up the entire staircase this morning (!!!), and is cruising around all the furniture quite smoothly, though she has been bonking her head a lot. She’s been a bit crabby and has been sleeping terribly, though I’m not sure if we should chalk that up to the second bottom tooth that’s emerging or having her sleep messed up by travel. She also seems to have transitioned to one super long midday nap instead of two naps per day, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. We shall see.IMG_3355

Today I’m planning to eat another blackberry muffin, do some knitting, cut and arrange flowers, and chase Alice around the house. We’re thinking of going to the beach in town later this afternoon, but other than that I think we’ll just be puttering around here. That’s the way I like it best!





3 thoughts on “Update- July 21

  1. Gorgeous flowers! I love gladiolas, too. They grow very satisfactorily, and survive year after year. Such a productive, crafty and tasty week. Tell Alice congratulations on her stair climbing!

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