Summer Vacation Pt.2- Oklahoma


After our visit to Colorado we continued on to Oklahoma to visit more family. We stayed several days with Philip’s parents and also got to spend time with Alice’s aunts and uncle. In looking over my pictures I realized that almost all our Oklahoma pictures involve food, but while the food was pretty terrific we also did things beside eat. We enjoyed many walks, Alice played with toys from Philip’s babyhood and splashed in the backyard kiddie pool, we tried on clothes from the family clothing archive (such as genuine Lederhosen!), and we saw Philip’s brother and sister-in-law’s brand new house. Alice isn’t much for letting people hold her these days, but by the end she had warmed up and even tolerated being held for several minutes by her aunt.

Some photographic evidence:

Morning kale and mango smoothies with her Grandpa…


Playing with a very tasty watermelon…
And savoring a pork rib. Oh was she ever furious when we finally took this away….
Alice and her cousin Jack.
She fell fast asleep right before it was time to leave for church.
Homeward bound, with new ruffled pants on the baby and a rattle from Grandma and Grandpa in Philip’s pocket.

We had a great week away, and we were glad to be able to see so many people. Alice was an excellent traveler…hopefully she’ll be as cheerful on our upcoming road trip to Maine.

2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation Pt.2- Oklahoma

  1. It was a Wonderful visit! Your photos definitely capture some of the best moments. Thank you for coming!

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