Summer Vacation Pt.1…Colorado


Yesterday we returned from a week long trip visiting family. Charley went to puppy summer camp for the week, and the rest of us flew off to Colorado and then Oklahoma. It was Alice’s first experience with airplanes and she was a champ, either playing with the tray tables, crumpling up the airline magazines, or napping during all of our flights.


On our first morning Alice woke up before the crack of dawn (actually, she did that most mornings) and we took a nice long walk around a nearby park. Alice used Philip’s shirt as a canopy and then fell asleep while Philip and I sat and watched all the other early risers…mostly other parents, babies, and dog owners. It was great visiting Colorado again and it felt funny to be so nearby Nebraska- we even spotted someone wearing a t-shirt from the farmer’s market that we used to frequent.



We visited the Butterfly Pavilion with Philip’s aunt, uncle, cousins and grandmother. The idea of being in an enclosure with thousands of butterflies seemed a little terrifying but it turned out to be quite magical.


Alice got to experience a swimming pool for the first time at our hotel and she absolutely loved it. I have less blurry pictures, but this one really captures her delight. We are definitely going to be doing more swimming this summer.


Most of our two days in Colorado was spent enjoying family and letting Alice get to know her Great-Grandmother. We’re so glad we made it out and we look forward to returning…especially now that we know what a good traveling companion Alice is.








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