Wednesday Summer Adventure #2


Last week we set off on our second Wednesday Summer Adventure, this time visiting Robert H. Treman State Park. We squeezed in right before they start charging for the summer, which was a pleasant surprise. On one side of the park there is a swimming hole where you can swim underneath a waterfall, but it hadn’t yet opened for the season so we explored the trails and other falls.

We had a nice little picnic next to a playground right as you enter, and Alice got to enjoy the swings and watch a couple families playing. We then ventured on to hike one of the gorge trails which was recommended as a good trail for babies since it isn’t quite as long. It was gorgeous (or gorges, as folks in Ithaca like to write), though I was glad Philip was carrying Alice as the majority of the trail was made up of stairs. We ended with a little rest by an old mill and a snack for Alice.

On the drive home we went to find a community of tiny houses that we had thought about living in before we moved to New York. It is absolutely adorable- bright colors, raised beds for every home, a playground, dogpark, and a town hall. It would have been fun to live there, but we left glad that we don’t live that far outside of town. We’re very happy with our not-quite-as-tiny-house.


And tomorrow is Wednesday again already! I’d best get planning.


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