Sweet and Simple


The outfit, that is. Alice is often sweet, but never simple!

Alice’s newfound skills (crawling! pulling up! climbing stairs!) have meant that most of my time is spent with my eyes trained on her and my hands ready to catch her. I try to hover subtly, lest she pick up on my nervousness and lose some of her fearlessness, which is a trait I very much admire. At the end of the day I’ve been feeling like all I’ve done is sat on the floor…which is largely true. Philip is always good at reminding me that sitting on the floor watching Alice explore is also important work, but all the same, I do like a concrete product to show for my time and if I go too long without a project I start getting grumpy. So! I spent a naptime and an evening and made Alice a little outfit that she definitely doesn’t need but that makes me feel like I got something done.


I have to say, this is really my favorite kind of baby girl look…a simple design in a neutral palette. Both the top and bloomers are from Simplicity 1813a, a vintage reprint.
I’ve determined that there are two kinds of projects I like best: 1. projects that demand a high degree of effort and precision and 2. projects that deliver a high amount of cuteness for a minimal amount of effort. This definitely fit into the latter category…each item had only one pattern piece and two major seams.



I used a scrap of handkerchief weight linen for the bloomers- it’s lovely stuff despite raveling like crazy. The blouse is a cotton-poly blend- I didn’t know it was so hard to find 100% cotton gingham. Both items take such itsy amounts of fabric that they are perfect for using up scraps.


I like the blouse, but I can’t get enough of those bloomers! Instead of creating an elastic casing as the pattern called for I just stitched the elastic onto the inside of the legs with a zig-zag stitch. I think it creates a more consistent gather, and it’s easier besides. I’ll definitely be using that technique again. I really never sewed with elastic before Alice came along, but I see a lot of elastic in my near future.

Once I was done with the blouse I felt it needed just a little something…so I added a very practical pocket for all of Alice’s tiny belongings.


Sweet and simple…and highly satisfying!

absconding with the photo prop again…






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