Update-May 31


Summer has arrived! I already have a Birkenstock tan, our flower garden is planted, we’ve been eating dinner outside, and all our windows are open.

Alice, being the lover of the outdoors that she is, seems to love summer. I’m trying to get into a more consistent rhythm for how we spend our days. We’ve been including lots of outside time- a long walk in the morning, a walk in the afternoon, and lately, an afternoon dip in our new kiddie pool.

Alice is a champion crawler these days and loves exploring the house. We’ve been making use of the baby gate to some extent, but generally we just let her crawl about and keep an eye out.  All her toys are on a shelf in the living room and she enjoys pulling everything off and then moving on to the bookshelves. Just yesterday I made a bottom shelf in the kitchen with small pots and whisks and enamelware that she can play with, and she loves the magnets on the fridge. She’s becoming a very independent little lady and I almost feel guilty about how long she can play by herself.

A few photo highlights:

Alice deaccessioning.


In the afternoons our deck hosts a daily pool party for one…
and then in the evenings dinner for three. Or, sometimes, for two.
Nosegay of the week.
Alice all dressed up for Saturday dinner out. She’s very good at restaurants as long as there are plenty of oyster crackers within reach and a good spoon or two to play with.
We think her first word might end up being “bubble”.
Things I’ve been enjoying this week.
We celebrated Memorial Day with a scrumptious strawberry pie. I probably shouldn’t mention that this pie is already gone.

It’s easy to forget during the winter how different life is in the summer. I keep thinking about how all the things- like the smell of lilacs and the constant tinkling of the blinds in the windows and the ceiling fan doing its rounds- must seem so novel and exciting to Alice, and that makes me appreciate the changing of the seasons even more than I normally would. I think it’s going to be a great summer.


2 thoughts on “Update-May 31

  1. I am so happy summer is here and we can anticipate a visit from Alice and her family. She is a delight to watch as she discovers the wonderful world in which she lives. Love the bubbles!

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