Update- May 22


This was the first week of summer break for Philip (except that he’s actually teaching this summer, but still) and we had a couple warm days that felt just like summer vacation should feel like. There was still frost every morning so I haven’t planted my flowers starts out yet, but I’m optimistic that I can get them out in the next week.

It was a full week over here. Alice is crawling all over the place and has now begun pulling up on things which has resulted in many, many head bumps. She got in several good stroller naps in the afternoons and enjoyed several outings, including a trip to the Ithaca dogpark, dinner with Philip’s class, and many walks to look at ducklings. Other experiences were not as well received, such as her first time going through an automatic carwash, which we naively thought she would find fun and exciting.

A few photo highlights:

Alice loves the great outdoors. Don’t worry, there was lots of sunscreen involved.
Am I not supposed to let her eat the flowers? I’m glad she shares my fondness for dandelions.
I completed a sweater and have begun winding up the yarn for my next…
The lilacs are just starting to bloom around town…
and I’m enjoying the forget-me-nots I found hiding behind the garage.
We ate dinner on our deck for the first time this season, which Alice enjoyed. Please note Alice’s bib…and Charley’s intent focus. She’s started feeding him cheerios from her highchair.
If he really starts getting pushy, however, she is not afraid of putting him in his place with a withering glance.

It was a great spring week and we’re looking forward to the next. I’m hoping to get a little summertime routine down, plant out flowers, re-organize the sewing room and maybe find the time to sew the blouse I cut out on my birthday. Hope you all have a great week ahead.





2 thoughts on “Update- May 22

  1. I often miss Nana Barter. She would have been thrilled to have sweet Alice to play with and adore. What an amazing doll she would have made. When I saw this first shot in the smocked dress I thought for a moment she was one of Nana’s dolls. Your baby and your photography are stunning. Love to all.

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