Update- May 13


This was a a big week for Alice. The weather was gorgeous and we spent lots of time out and about. We met baby friends at the library, at the park, and then today at a friend’s camp on a nearby lake, and we spent lots of time walking around town looking at ducklings and tulips. Alice must be picking up tips from her pals, because this week she mastered feeding herself cheerios, she started crawling, and she learned to get to a sitting up position on her own. Philip and I did, admittedly, spend an evening lamenting how fast she’s growing up and looking at newborn pictures of her, but it really was a fun and exciting week.

Some evidence of her new skills:


Crawling is more difficult to document…the photos end up like this:


Or, if I’m not quick enough, like this:


The rest of us are doing well too, even if we haven’t been picking up as many new skills. Philip has been busy giving finals and going to graduations, and Charley has been enjoying the lovely weather and keeping our next door neighbor company while she’s been gardening. I’ve mostly been occupied by watching Alice, but I did a little gardening, bought a rosebush with my birthday money, am almost done with a knitting project, and have been reading some fun mystery novels. I’d say that an excellent week was had by all.




2 thoughts on “Update- May 13

  1. Congratulations to Alice on her new skill set! We are not at all surprised by her progress this week.

  2. Time just flies by! We just went to Grace’s graduation at Ursinus this past weekend, yet I still can remember her at Alice’s stage of life. In face I remember you at that stage as well. You were just as adorable as Alice! I love having pictures of her to store away in my memory. Thanks. Love you.

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