Update-May 4


I can hardly believe it’s already May. Spring seems to have stalled its progress and we’ve been wearing sweaters and staying inside a little more that we’d like. Still, I know the time will come this summer when I’m whining about the heat and wishing for sweater weather, so I’m trying my best not to get too antsy for spring.

We’re keeping busy as always. Alice is such a happy girl these days and is army crawling and barrel rolling around with alarming speed. She’s babbling a lot and is saying both “Ma-ma” and “Da-da” but we don’t think she’s attached any meaning to those words yet. Although, who knows? We’ve made friends with some of the other mothers and babies who frequent the library and have been meeting every other week to drink coffee and chat while the babies play. After watching the other babies (all of whom are older) Alice always seems to step up her crawling and babbling game.



Although she’s still not eating much in terms of quantity, Alice is a real baby foodie. Lately she’s enjoyed the following: guacamole, roasted red pepper hummus, salmon, rice pilaf, spinach sauteed with garlic and onions, oatmeal with cinnamon, yogurt, peanut butter toast, pancake, banana, roasted root vegetables, and when her Nana and Grandpa were in town, a taste of pumpkin ice cream. It seems like the stronger the flavors, the more she enjoys it. She also enjoys it more if it’s off the plate of a grown-up, but I still make her her own portion sometimes just because it’s cute. See?


When my parents were in town visiting last week they helped us dig up another garden bed all along the driveway, and Philip and I dug up a large bed in front of the house. I have most of the bulbs planted and the seedlings are doing well inside. I am so excited for all the cut flowers I hope to have around the house this summer!


Anyone read anything good lately? I’ve read the new Margaret Atwood novel, The Heart Goes Last and re-read Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community by Wendell Berry, and then the other day I read The Witches, Salem 1692 by Stacy Schiff- I would highly recommend it. Alice and I went to the library today and while I came home with a stack of books here’s the one I started in on right away:


Tonight Alice is going to stay up past her bedtime and we’re going up to campus for a math club party. Alice has quite a few fans among Philip’s students, and I’m always up for pizza and ice cream, so we expect it will be a good time. Other than that, I’ll be spending the evening watching Alice roll around while I read about pot pies and think about what kind of cake I want to make this weekend. Not bad for a Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “Update-May 4

  1. Clearly, you and Alice are very happy with your various toys, plants, foods, books and pies. She is so engaged in everything, looking out the window, moving about and jumping. Reading about your joys makes me feel happier myself!

  2. As usual, your post makes me smile. Seeing Alice’s heartfelt delight at everything warms my heart. I am patiently waiting for the hummingbirds to arrive. They appear to be waiting until your birthday once again. I miss you all.

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