What We Did Today


I recently read a few articles where people outlined their days in detail and I found it incredibly fascinating. Then the other evening at a dinner party I was asked what I do all day- not in a rude way, but in a puzzled sort of way, and I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond. So I decided to pay close attention today and jotted things down as I went. Philip is at a conference today and tomorrow, so this day-in-the-life isn’t exactly like a normal day and I also didn’t try to make it truly comprehensive, but here we go:

7-8am Up! Feed Alice, make myself a poached egg on toast and drink coffee with Philip, discuss how much we’ll miss him. Stand at window with Alice and Charley and wave goodbye. Alice seems confused…she’s used to waving to him as he walks away, not drives.


8-9am Get dressed- decide to wear a skirt because the weather forecast is good and my one pair of jeans have yogurt on them. Check email. There’s a new free scarf pattern! Decide to make it this fall. Put Alice back in pen, start doing dishes. Alice decides she’d like more attention. Put her in front pack, continue dishes. We listen to the news- I remember that I need to find out where to vote on Tuesday and also decide who to vote for. Alice becomes bored, I give her a carrot stick to play with.


Continue dishes. Alice becomes bored with carrot, drops it on the floor. I check on Charley, who is snoozing in the sunny living room. I tell him about the carrot, and he obligingly follows us into the kitchen and cleans it up for us. Finish dishes!


We water the plants and seedlings. A new bud on the mini rosebush! Several zinnias up! Take Alice out of pack, plunk her on the floor and sit with her while she plays with a book. Alice goes after Charley’s foot. I pick her up.

9:30-Take Alice upstairs, let her play on the floor while I make the bed and put away some laundry. Read her a pile of books, read Brown Bear,  Brown Bear twice. Alice announces her readiness  for a nap. Wrap her in fuzzy pink blanket, feed her, put her in crib and sneak downstairs. It’s 10:00! Check email. Read new blog post on one of the sewing blogs I follow. Sweep kitchen floor and marvel and how dirty it’s gotten in less than 24 hours. Take a moment to appreciate how cute my kitchen is.

10:20-Decide that today is the day I organize the mud room. Get to work. Decide I want to to splatter paint the mudroom floor. Wonder if I have time to do it today. Decide not to get too ambitious. Realize Charley is destroying Philip’s last surviving work glove, trade it for a Pringle. Make mental note to buy Philip new work gloves. Finish mudroom, sit down to relax, hear Alice squaking.

11:20 Go get Alice. Manage to wrangle her into onesie, pants, and a dress. Come downstairs. Alice plays with blocks. Start to think about lunch.


11:30 Reheat lentil soup for lunch. Share soup and a banana with Alice. Alice also wants a few sips of water from my glass.


Return to living room. Alice plays with blocks, I sit next to her and reply to a few messages from babytime pals. Take Alice upstairs to the sewing room. Try to work on a project, realize Alice is now too mobile and requires too much attention. Back downstairs. Send Philip the usual lunchtime email. Read a NY Times article online subtitled Is domestic life the enemy of creative work? Much eyerolling. Take a piece of paper away from Alice, make her very mad. Time for a walk!

Put Alice in her pack, walk towards the park.  There’s an open house/moving sale! Walk through and talk myself out of buying a Tiffany style table lamp. Continue towards park.Push Alice in the swing- she loves it.


Continue on our walk, see a mom and her two kids from library babytime in their backyard. Stop in, re-introduce ourselves, briefly discuss the book she’s reading (The Long Loneliness), find out she moved here a year ago from Virginia. Walk homewards- Alice begins to nod off. Manage to keep her awake by tickling her tootsies and whistling “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” Make it home, appreciate the tidy mudroom as we enter, and put Alice down for her nap a few minutes before 2pm.

Re-read article over greek yogurt. Do the lunch dishes, make a cup of tea. Hear Alice- awake already?! It’s 2:30. Wait to see if she falls back asleep. She doesn’t. Go get her.

Sit on blanket on back deck with Alice while she plays with her plastic eggs. Start my new library book.


3:15-come inside, turn on Raffi Pandora station, sit with Alice, sing along with the music and rescue her from all the various places she gets stuck in while rolling around.


Bring Alice upstairs, sit her in the bedroom and clean the bathroom quickly while waving and chatting to her across the hall.

4:00 Time for another walk. Meet the mailman on the way out, then chat with two neighbors briefly on our journey down the block. Walk around the neighborhood and call my parents.

5:00 Read while sitting on the floor with Alice. Observe that Alice has improved her crawling stance over the course of the day.


6:00 Heat up leftover chicken pot pie for dinner. Think about how I haven’t cooked anything all day. Eat dinner, share a little with Alice. Go upstairs, read another stack of books to Alice and then manage to bathe, lotion, and p.j. Alice. Feed her and plop her into her crib very drowsy. She falls asleep immediately, a touch before 7pm.

Come downstairs, make myself a cup of coffee, break off a square of dark chocolate with ginger, and decide to write up my post and then settle down with my knitting project.


It was a good day!

4 thoughts on “What We Did Today

  1. Sounds like you had a good day, and a typical one with a 7 month old. I see that Alice is sort of crawling! I also agree with your dismissal of the article you read, although I have not read it.

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