An Easter Dress


I made this little Easter dress for Alice a few weeks back during Philip’s spring break. I had been carefully saving this little piece of Liberty of London lawn for over a year, planning for either an Easter dress or Easter bow tie, depending on who Baby Gipson turned out to be. I don’t usually buy such pricey fabric, but it was so glorious to work with that it’s probably not going to be the last yard of Liberty fabric I stitch up.

I used Simplicity 2629, a reprint of a 1948 layette pattern. I wanted a simple design that would not distract from the lovely fabric and I already had the pattern in my collection. It has little puffed sleeves, pintucks on the front and back, buttons up the back, and a tiny lace edging around the neck and sleeve edges. I didn’t love the way the back button placket was done (slash the back, fold under, make a pleat at the bottom) but other than that I was happy with the pattern and thought it turned out beautifully and looks like a classic little baby dress. I ended up doing a little more handwork than called for just because I wanted it to be perfect. In retrospect I should have done the buttonholes by hand too- the fabric was so lightweight that the machine puckered the buttonholes a bit.


I made a pair of matching bloomers from Simplicity 1600a, another vintage reprint. I added the lace edging along the front seams and removed some width to make them less puffy but otherwise followed the pattern. They are cute, fit well, and will certainly be worn on their own as well as with the dress.


Alice is pretty happy to sit on the floor of my sewing room playing for chunks of 20-30 minutes at a time these days, so I’ve been able to be fairly productive. Right now I’m working on a dress for myself and I have a few more little summer baby outfits I want to make too. I know that as soon as Alice is crawling around I’ll have to watch her like a hawk, so I’m trying to take advantage of the last beautiful month or so of pre-crawling Alice to get things done!

More pictures of this outfit in action can be found here.

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