Update-April 1


Today Alice is 7 months old and she just keeps getting more and more fun. Yesterday we took her on a walk to the park where she tried out the baby swings and seemed to enjoy the experience. While she definitely does not like being held by anyone except for Philip or I, she’s pretty social and adventurous. She loves going places, so I try to space out my errands and such, and she’s been staying late at library babytime to play on the floor with the other babies. Philip works long days on Mondays and Wednesdays so we’ve been walking up to campus on those afternoons to visit him. Alice has become quite a hit with some of his students who pop in and out of the office to ask him questions.


I still usually carry Alice in our ergobaby pack, but we recently started taking her out in the stroller sometimes too. The problem with the stroller is that when she falls asleep in the stroller we can’t get her into the house without waking her up (all the door has several steps)…though I don’t mind sitting outside on nice days and catching up on my magazines.

We had a couple really nice warm days and spent a lot of time outside. Ever since she was a newborn Alice has enjoyed being outside, and the fact that she still does makes me very excited about summer.



After doing a whole lot of Easter sewing (I will take pictures sometime!) I kind of took this week off…although I am working on a dress for myself today, and a glance at the mess around the living room reveals that I’ve been knitting. I’m still plugging away on a linen lace number for myself, and I whipped up a little cotton hat for a colleague of Philip’s who is expecting a baby boy in a week or two.

I’ve started some seeds too- a couple varieties of snapdragons. I’m using old strawberry boxes as little greenhouses and it seems to have worked nicely- most of them are up as of this morning, so that’s exciting. In another week or two I’ll start the rest of my seeds, and Philip and I are planning to dig up my front flower beds this weekend so I can get in my spring-planted bulbs when they arrive.


Alice had decided a couple weeks ago that she no longer liked napping in the crib and preferred me to be wearing her in the carrier. Well. As much as I love snuggling with her, I could tell that her naps weren’t as long or deep and it also gave me 100% less free time during the day. So now we have a little routine where at roughly the same time each morning we read lots of book on the bed, wrap her in her fuzzy pink blanket, give her a snack, and ease her off to the Land of Nod. After a couple days she figured it out, and now she usually just snuggles up with her blanket and falls asleep once in her crib. For her afternoon nap she either still falls asleep in her pack on our afternoon walk or we do the book/blanket/snack/crib routine then too. I know babies aren’t supposed to have any blankets in their cribs until they are like 12 or something, but honestly, that blanket works like a charm. I can’t fall asleep without any blankets either!


The other breakthrough we had recently was on the solid food front. Apparently Alice just doesn’t like purees and has decided to skip “baby food” in favor of mushy bites from our plates. She’s happy to eat bites of butternut squash from our soup, oats from our baked oatmeal, or slimy little bits of banana as long it’s not in puree form. So without even trying, we became hip parents who introduce finger foods first…this is apparently quite the trend and is called “Baby Led Weaning.” Who knew?!

Don’t worry, she didn’t eat the peel…it just gave her something to hang onto.

Today it’s raining cats and dogs, but it’s Friday! As is our tradition, we’re going to meet Philip downtown this afternoon to celebrate a week of work done at a coffee shop and start the weekend off right. We may even split a cookie to celebrate Alice’s 7-month birthday. Happy Weekend, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Update-April 1

  1. I remember reading in the car or while sitting on stoop with Philip in stroller. I considered a boon –extra reading time!

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