Gosh, I feel so behind on my little blog! I have Easter to talk about, and all the many things we’ve done and made in the past two weeks… Well, first things first, Easter. We had a great Easter. On Saturday we went over to an Easter egg hunt and party at the house of some friends from church. Alice was the littlest kiddo by far but she had a jolly time and had lots of helpers searching out eggs for her basket.


On Sunday morning Alice opened her Easter basket. She liked the gifts and gave her parents the chocolate. It was a beautiful warm day so Alice was able to wear her new little Easter dress (and matching bloomers!) to church and then in the afternoon we took Charley on a hike to a nature preserve we recently heard about. Our hike was cut short by a dirty diaper, but a good time was had by all anyway. Easter wasn’t all that much different from our ordinary weekend days, but I’m a fan of our ordinary weekends.

And now, a bunch of photos:


I was just looking back at past photos and here’s a picture of us on Easter 2013…we were wearing the same clothes! That was a good Easter too…but really, holidays are better with a baby.IMG_3036

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