Spring Break 2016!


I’m back! If you were looking for some cheerful photos to take your mind off all the sad news in the world, look no further. Last week Philip had a week off from teaching and we had a great time doing a whole lot of not much.

It wasn’t exactly Spring weather, but on one day we drove to a nearby town and went on a short hike- Alice dozed in her baby carrier and Charley was allowed some illegal off-leash water time. We really have to find a lake around here where he can go swimming this summer. After our walk we got coffee and stopped at the “Book Barn,” which has intrigued us since we moved here. Oh my gosh. It was absolutely terrifying. We could barely walk thanks to the piles of books obscuring the shelves. I found a shelf of antique Alcott books but then noticed that the owner’s cats were using the shelf below as a litter box and I had to make a quick exit. Maybe I’ll go back without Alice sometime and check it out again when I don’t have to worry about giving my baby toxoplasmosis.


Alice continued her exploration of solid foods but remains unconvinced. The only things she really likes are tastes of our food. Perhaps her purees need more garlic?


Alice had her six month appointment and received a clean bill of health. She was just a smidge over 14 pounds and is growing right along her 10th percentile line. The doctor didn’t see any signs of teeth yet, so happily we get to enjoy her gummy little smile for a while longer.


We celebrated St.Patrick’s Day as best you can when only one person in the family likes corned beef and cabbage. Instead we had stew and soda bread, listened to plenty of appropriate music, and finished with a cake with Bailey’s in the frosting. Maybe in the future I can share the joy of corned beef with Alice.


I did a fair bit of sewing- pictures to come in a later post- and Alice and Philip sat on the floor in the sewing room and seemed to enjoy themselves. Here you can see Alice helping me with my research on blind hems:


Six months old is just fabulous. Alice is such a great little pal…she loves going places, reading books, and sitting with us playing on the floor. She’s really into her colored wooden ring stacking toy- she doesn’t stack them, but she likes playing with the wooden disks- and her favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? It has sliding doors and she likes to try to grab the little animals behind the doors. She does get bored with her things and I sometimes end up giving her things like measuring cups or sheets of felt because she’s tired of her toys. I’ve decided there should be baby toy libraries where you can check out toys like books.

I kind of wish Alice could stay six months old for a few more months. Still, it’s fun to watch her start thinking about crawling and I’m sure that will be my next favorite stage.


It was back to work for Philip yesterday- and it snowed- but we have Easter to look forward to this weekend and I’m sure that there’s more warm weather around the corner.

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