Update-March 11


I’ve always wanted snowdrops and so was delighted to find this little patch of them in the back corner of our yard. A neighbor said a previous owner of our house had loads of spring bulbs…I wonder if any more surprise flowers will appear.

It was so nice to have two really warm days this week. Alice and I walked up to campus to say hello to Philip, took Charley on long walks, played on the deck, and even met some neighbors. Nothing like a warm day to bring out the neighbors who’ve been hiding all winter.

I wasn’t particularly productive this week and I didn’t take many pictures either, but both things are an indication of how much time Alice and I spent playing outside, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A few pictures I did take:

We spent over two straight hours on the deck…
and I was inspired by the sunny day to start a little bonnet for Alice.
It’s so hard to choose which book to read!
Alice decided that 5am is an acceptable time to wake up. After unsuccessfully trying to convince her otherwise, I got up, put her in her baby cage, and made pancakes.

This weekend kicks off Philip’s spring break and it’s supposed to be over 60 degrees tomorrow, so the future looks bright!

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