Update- March 4


March already?! Alice officially turned 6 months old this Tuesday, and what a delight 6-month-old-Alice is! She is now sitting up on her own for as long as she wants, sucking on her toes, making lots of noises (including some unpleasant sounding but not unhappy screeching), and generally having a grand old time. On her 6 month birthday we fed her some pureed sweet potato while we ate chocolate cake. She wasn’t super crazy about us giving her the sweet potato and preferred holding the spoon herself and holding her little sweet-potatoed hands out for Charley. She likes gnawing on apples though…she may just be an independent little spirit who would rather feed herself!

We had a guest this past weekend- a friend of ours from college- and we had a great time. She’s a professional gardener and we walked around the house discussing where I should plant things and talked for hours about flowers. It was lovely.

I’ve been working on a knitting project I started several summers ago and have been sewing a sweet little springtime frock for Alice that is very close to being done. Other than that I’ve been spending lots of time trying to convince Alice to take naps, reading lots of books aloud, singing lots of songs, and carrying Alice around the house while I try to do chores. Thank goodness for baby carriers!

Some highlights:

 Alice is always the highlight around here…
for obvious reasons.
I’ve been enjoying these freesia from the grocery store so much that I bought some freesia bulbs online.
We found two favorites to add to our board book library.
Alice’s first official meal.
She preferred my apple core.
Alice and I made apple-oatmeal scones…
and I worked on a dress for Alice.
and I worked on a dress for Alice.

It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day here. We’re going to meet Philip for a Friday afternoon coffee date, but other than that there’s nothing on the docket- just how I like my weekends!




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