Little Wave

IMG_1517I began this sweater in the hospital after Alice was born and it is now finally finished- just in time for her 6-month birthday. It might be the most detailed pattern I’ve ever knit despite the fact that going into it I thought it would be a fairly simple cardigan. This pattern has it all: fancy cast-on and bind off techniques, saddle shoulders, cabling, pockets, elbow patches, shawl collar…and it all happens at once with the help of a long circular needle. In the end I wish I had invested in some nicer yarn, since it involved such a large investment of time and concentration, but I’m very pleased with the result.


The pattern, Little Wave was designed by Gudrun Johnston and published by Brooklyn Tweed (and can be found here). I can’t say enough good things about this pattern- it is detailed and well thought through. Every special technique (and there are several) is clearly explained and despite a somewhat complicated construction, the pattern is very easy to follow. I made two minor changes: I left the waist shaping out, as I prefer a straight silhouette, and I made the shoulders a tad narrower. I also went down two needle sizes to obtain the correct gauge with my yarn. Other than that, I followed the instructions without modification. It might be a little large, but I wanted a long and loose-fitting sweater and that’s what I got.


The yarn is City Tweed, a blend of merino, alpaca, and Donegal tweed. Its main feature is that it is very cozy…the downside is that it is so soft and cozy that it’s not really the best yarn for highlighting the subtle cabling in this pattern. The pattern could have also benefited from a yarn with a little more structure so my version ended up being a little floppier than I would have liked. In retrospect I think I would have gone with the yarn called for…but after just buying a house and a boatload of onesies Brooklyn Tweed yarn seemed too pricey. But oh! the gorgeous colors and stitch definition! Perhaps if I make Philip a version later…


Just as I was weaving in ends and grafting the underarms I decided that the left pocket was stitched ever so slightly too high on one side, and wouldn’t it be a bit more perfect if I undid the pocket and evened it out? But gosh I had done such a good job of sewing it down…and the next thing I knew I had cut a hole in the front of my sweater by accident. Much wailing to Philip and a call to my sympathetic mother ensued. But the next morning (Alice slept for 8 hours straight for the first time ever!) I awoke feeling refreshed, watched some helpful youtube videos, and fixed that hole. I guess that’s the upside to using yarn that doesn’t have fabulous stitch definition- my repair is virtually invisible.


This is definitely a sweater I’ll wear nearly everyday and hopefully it will be the little kick I needed to finally say goodbye to the gross old yellow Target sweater I’ve been wearing day in and day out for something like five years now. No promises though! I find that nasty shade of goldenrod is eminently useful…

The yarn for my next project (a little springtime number for Alice) is winging its way to me as I write and I’ve dug out an unfinished project to keep me happy in the meantime. I think it’s also time to turn my attention to some sewing, and seed starting is just around the corner…isn’t life exciting?!







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