Update-February 19


When we woke up on Valentine’s Day it was -17 degrees, and the temperature fluctuated all week leaving us with lots of snowed-over frozen slush. I’ve never been on a tropical vacation and I wished a few times this week that I could change that. But we had a great time right here in frozen New York- who needs tropical islands?

I love Valentine’s Day, and this one was particularly fun since we got to celebrate with Alice. There was strawberry french toast and flowers and cookies, and in the evening we put Alice to bed and had an elegant candlelit dinner all by ourselves.

Alice is loving her new sitting up skill and has also been enjoying some alternative toys, such as the whisk, measuring spoons, and pieces of paper. I’m thinking of hiding her stuffed animals and rattles and bringing them back in a week or so in hopes that they will have regained some novelty for her.

Some photo highlights:

She woke up like this!
Alice and Charley are becoming quite friendly.
This cardigan is taking me forever and ever. My goal is to finish it this coming week.
Alice skipped several naps this week, so when she did nap I was much more inclined to relax than do any chores. The house is now an absolute mess.
She’s just having so much fun these days…
Spinach and goat cheese frittata from my new cookbook, eat. Delicious and pretty.

And now it’s Friday! We’re meeting Philip at a coffee shop after his last class today, and other than that there’s banana bread and housecleaning on the agenda. Finally, I leave you with a sobering comparison:






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