Update- February 12


Look who’s sitting up all by herself! Alice has made great strides this week and went from gripping onto our hands and wobbling about to being able to sit up unsupported for almost a minute before toppling over. She’s pretty proud of herself, as well she should be.

We all had a great week here at Bellrose Cottage. My very handy dandy parents visited and repainted our bathroom and installed a new sink and faucet for us. Philip and I are going to finish the renovation by replacing the hardware and toilet seat, but all the hard work is done and it already looks so fresh and bright. In addition to learning to sit up, Alice has also entered the phase of not wanting to be held by anyone except myself or Philip, so Nana and Grampa Barter didn’t get to hold her too much, but by the last day or so of their visit she was starting to be a little more tolerant.

In other news, Charley got a bath at the local Country Max DIY DoggieWash and now smells like berry-oatmeal shampoo instead of unwashed pup. We bought him a new toy as a treat for being so compliant- a toy advertised as “virtually indestructibe”- and he tore a giant hole in it on the five minute drive home. Ah well. At least he had fun.

Some photo highlights:

Alice sent a happy birthday message to her Grandma…
and got to hang out with her Nana.
Charley got all scrubbadubbed…
and the bathroom got a face-lift!
Alice did lots of baby yoga…
and I worked on a little gift for my tiniest Valentine.

I hope you’re all looking forward to Saint Valentine’s Day and the weekend ahead.

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