Update-January 29


IMG_1107After a most luxurious winter break, Philip had to go back to work on Monday. A month is a long break for a grown-up, but it was a good quarter of Alice’s life and our days at home together are much different now than they were before Christmas. Alice has been a very active and cheerful companion this week. We’ve read lots of board books, sung along to the Raffi Pandora station, and done lots of sit-up and rolling practice. She’s happy for a while playing with her toys on her own, so I’ve been setting her on the floor next to me and getting little snippets of work done. She likes being in the ring sling these days, and now that I can’t just pass her off to Philip at any time I’ve been wearing her around the house a good bit.

Alice has been taking two or three naps a day lately and while she generally lets out a cry of protest when I transfer her to her crib she usually falls asleep within a minute or two. At babytime this week a mother with a sixteen month old told me horror stories of her little boy standing in his crib, shaking the bars and screaming out for her for two hours at night, a cautionary tale that strengthened my resolve to teach Alice good sleeping habits early on and makes two or three minutes of sad sounds seem less tragic.

What we’ve been up to this week:

Sitting in boxes!
Reading great literature!
Getting started on some Valentines!
Dressing warmly!
Enjoying winter from inside!
Knitting and tea-drinking during naptime!
Rolling over!
Lounging around in jammies!

We have friends coming over tonight (they got sick last week), so I’m off to make an apple pie and get some no-knead bread started. The good thing about school starting up again is how much we get to look forward to the weekends…hope you all have good weekends ahead.


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