Camilla Babe


If I’m honest I was probably first attracted to the Camilla Babe pattern from Quince and Co. (found here) because the tiny model reminded me of newborn Alice. It’s a lovely little design, although the six-month size that I made will probably fit Alice better when she’s twenty-six months than it does now.


I used Plymouth Baby Alpaca in the worsted weight and the yarn is the most delicious stuff I’ve worked with for a while. It’s unbelievably soft and squishy and just seems like the perfect thing to put on a soft and squishy baby. I also love the color on Alice…and I loved knitting with fluffy ice-blue yarn during the snow last week.

On the whole, I was rather disappointed with the pattern and resulting sweater. In order to match up with the photo (and to not look absurdly short and boxy) I had to add an extra fan pattern…that’s the sort of mistake that bugs me when I pay $5 for a pattern. The neckline is also ridiculously wide (particularly on my narrow baby) and the sleeves are proportionally very short.



The sweater is knit seamlessly in the round from the bottom up. It was actually the first raglan sweater I’ve made, despite the fact that I love raglan sleeves. I was delighted by the ease and speed with which I could knit this up, although if the pattern had required a little more of me I think the result would have been better. A little shaping of the sleeve and a more thoughtful neckline wouldn’t have gone amiss, for example.

While not the fault of the pattern, this sweater also confirmed to me that I don’t like garter stitch. It highlights every slightly stretched out stitch or mistake…and I make mistakes when I’m sitting on the floor playing with Alice and not focusing a whole awful lot on my project.


Still…it’s cute! And it’s super soft, and even though it’s much too big for her right now, I’m going to put it on her anyway. She loves soft things, and it looks sweet on her. I’m even thinking of making it again sometime and adding a few tweaks of my own- we’ll see.


Now I’m back to knitting the second sleeve of the cardigan I’m making for myself. Hopefully you’ll be reading a post about that soon…though I make no promises. I already have another project in mind for Alice…


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