Update- January 20


We’ve got lots of projects going on around here this week. Alice is learning to sit up! She’s only good for a couple seconds, but she’s on her way. She’s also learning how to fall asleep on her own, and that’s going pretty well too. Philip is getting his classes ready for the coming semester, and me…well, I looked around the house this morning and counted four ongoing projects of one sort of another.

It’s been snowing for days here, but never really very hard. We have maybe four inches? If this is representative of winters here then I’m going to really love winters. It’s almost always snowing but at a pace you can keep up with. Philip and Charley have been sharing the shoveling duties with our neighbors and Alice and I have been watching from the window. Philip looks the part and sports all the usual winter gear, but our neighbor ladies on either side seem to always shovel in their nighties and slippers.

When Alice was at the pediatrician last week he said that he doesn’t recommend starting babies on food until six months, but that if she looks curious it’s okay to give her a little food to play with. Alice likes to sit with us at meals now and watch what we’re up to, so I’ve started giving her a little metal mug and spoon to play with so that she can feel like she’s participating. Of course she’s usually more interested in our mugs and utensils, but she likes hers too. Knowing that her sitting skills are improving and that her interest in mealtime is increasing, we went on a little trip to find our Alice a highchair. I rarely find just what I’m looking for, but we found the greatest little highchair at the first antique store we went to. It’s just perfect- sturdy, in nice shape, but not too nice for me to feel bad about painting it up in a cheerful color. I’m planning to also add a little seat belt of some sort, and maybe make a little seat cushion too.

Poor boy really wants to play with Mr. Schnauzer across the street.
Alice offering some editorial assistance with those syllabi.
Does anyone know how to keep mini roses from dying immediately after coming home from the grocery store? If so, let me know! I’ve been keeping it watered, but it’s already looking crispy.
Alice and I taking our morning coffee and planning our day…


Alice seems to like sitting with me and watching me knit, which is a good thing….
because I’ve got a long way to go yet on this cardigan…
and I just started this little pullover too.
While Alice naps I’ve been cutting out a quilt, and discovering that cutting out quilts in not my favorite.
See the smoky blue stripe in the rug? I’m thinking of painting the highchair that color.
She’s turning into such a little person! It’s a delight to watch.

Tomorrow we have some friends coming over for dinner, complete with their two little kiddos. I’ve never entertained kids for dinner before…we’re going to give them the option of buttered noodles, make sure Charley doesn’t scare them, and have some games out to play- anything else we should consider? Other than dinner tomorrow, we’re going to spend the next few days squeezing all the fun we can out of the last days of Philip’s break, watching the snow, and keeping toasty.


One thought on “Update- January 20

  1. You look like you are having so darn much fun! The way Alice looks at you so intently just says it all. I really look forward to seeing your posts. I love watching Alice grow up. Love to you all.

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