Update-January 15


What a big week it has been here! This weekend Alice’s aunt (and godmother!) and her Oklahoma grandparents came to visit. On Sunday Alice was baptized- and what a good little baby she was during the whole thing. She wore the baptism gown that Philip and all his siblings and cousins wore on their baptisms and she wore my little white baby shoes with bells on the toes. Afterwards we went out for brunch and then came home and had a party complete with cake and flowers and gifts. We were so happy to have family here for the occasion…and we were lucky that the weather cooperated for all the travelers.

It’s been snowing on and off for a few days now and we’ve been staying toasty and not doing a whole lot. We’ve been eating cozy food like roasted chicken, potatoes, and oatmeal bread, and the kettle has been working overtime. I’m working on the sleeves of a cardigan for myself and am starting to cut out a quilt for our bed. I finally gave in and bought a rotary cutter- at first I was figuring that if people have been using scissors for centuries so could I….but clearly those ladies had much better mastery of scissors than I.

Alice is working very hard at rolling from her back to her tummy but hasn’t quite gotten it down yet. Yesterday she had her 4-month appointment- 25 inches and 12 lbs 7 oz. The nurse said she looked like a baby doll and the doctor was very happy with her progress. She took her second round of shots like a champ, although her poor thigh puffed way up and she was a very sad little baby in the evening. Philip ran out to get some baby Tylenol and saved the day.

Baptism Day (which also happened to be Baptism of our Lord Sunday):


And some highlights from the rest of the week:

Alice is really getting curious about the whole eating and drinking thing.
Piglet is her current favorite and he’s getting pretty crusty.

Today I’m going to sort through Alice’s clothes and winnow out the things that she’s grown out of, and we’re thinking of venturing out to some antique shops once Alice wakes up from her nap. We have absolutely nothing on for the coming weekend- it’s going to be lovely.

Stay warm!



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