Update-January 7


The first week of 2016 was a cold one. We didn’t venture outside much aside from church, babytime at the library, and one family coffee date to the new (and only) coffee shop in town. We got a lot done around the house, including taking down the tree and finally organizing our spare bedroom.

The spare room has been full of unpacked boxes since we moved in and it felt so good to finally finish moving in. The room is going to be where I sew and keep all my art and sewing supplies. I haven’t decided how I should refer to it…the sewing room? My office, perhaps? I have ambitions of building a little shelf or two and I still have to finish decorating it, but at least all the boxes are gone and the furniture is arranged.

In other news, I made yogurt in my crockpot and it was incredible and oh so inexpensive. I’ve always been skeptical of homemade yogurt, but it really was easy (no thermometer involved) and the result was delicious.

Some photo evidence of the week:

Alice helped me make pear muffins. Note the fetching bald spot (on Alice!)…she may be considering a future as a monastic.
She’s been sticking everything in her mouth lately…but she wasn’t a fan of clementine.
I did some reorganizing of our shelves to make room for Christmas gifts.
Homemade yogurt required some granola topping.
We ventured out in the cold with as many knitted things as we could put on…
I’m pretty sure Alice now has a hat for every day of the week. I made this bonnet (silk lined!) about two years ago and was happy to find it while sorting through my sewing bins.
And we all feel so lucky that Philip gets to stay home with us all January!

We have family flying in tonight and tomorrow, and this weekend promises to be an eventful one. Hope 2016 is off to a great start in all your homes too.

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