Christmas in Maine



Yesterday we got back from our week in Maine, and today we’ve been unpacking, finding places for our new gifts, and enjoying a snowy day. I tossed out old dishrags to make room for new ones, swept up pine needles, and we read Alice all her new Christmas books.

Our trip went off without a hitch and we had a lovely time with my family. Alice wasn’t so sure about the crowds at the holiday parties, but for the most part she did very well. While in Maine she learned a new and valuable skill, sticking out her tongue, and I swear that she also gained at least a pound. I guess she knows that gaining a little weight is part of the Christmas season.

We spent lots of time with family, played some games, went on lots of woodsy romps with Charley, ate very well, and read books. Alice loved playing Christmas carols on the piano with her Nana and was quite taken with her little gifts. It wasn’t a white Christmas, but it snowed a few days later, and home is always beautiful, even without snow.


It was a very Merry Christmas, and it was so much fun to share Christmas with Alice, even if she is much too young to remember it. It’s crazy to think how different she will be when next December rolls around. Alice’s New Year’s resolutions include learning how to sit up, crawl, and walk, after all. My resolution is much less ambitious: I’m going to make the bed every morning.

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Christmas in Maine

  1. Having you all here in Maine for Christmas was a gift I will continue to reflect on and be thankful for. Alice was certainly the hit of the season! I love the pictures of her and her Nana. Come back soon!

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