Update-December 18



When we told people we were moving to upstate New York everyone told us to expect long and snowy winters, but here we are, comfortably mid-December and it was in the 60s most of the week. I’m not complaining….but it is almost Christmas, so a little snow wouldn’t go amiss.

We had one of Philip’s friends visiting this past weekend and we took advantage of the warmth and explored some local nature trails. We hadn’t been yet because of their no-pet policy, but it was really lovely and we’ll definitely be back. Other than that one outing, we spent most of our time this week inside by our Christmas tree. I finished Alice’s sweater, made gingerbread cookies, read a book (The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks…it was disappointing), and have been working on crafting a few little Christmas gifts.

Alice has had a banner week. Up until Monday every time we would put her on her tummy she would just cry, cry, cry and refuse to try lifting up her head and chest…then on Monday afternoon I flipped her over and she just pushed up to her elbows and looked around like it was no big deal. And then! Tuesday she rolled (very slowly) from her tummy to her back- she first hung out for a while on her side and then rolled the rest of the way over. She was very confident about the whole thing and since then she’s quickly rolled over nearly every time I’ve put her on her tummy. Learning all these new skills have apparently made her very hungry, however, and she’s also been waking up every two hours.

A few photo highlights:

We need some snow.


Alice prefers tummy time sans diaper.
Note the confident smile and slimy fist.


Alice was very excited about being introduced to the harmonica this morning and decided to give it a try.

In just a few minutes Philip will be home from his last day of work and then Christmas break officially commences! I have a stack of wrapped gifts to mail out, the cards are already in the mail, and I’ve started a packing list for our trip to Maine. Here’s hoping that Alice enjoys road trips as much as her parents do!

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