Update-December 8


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This weekend we bought our Christmas tree from the farm stand down the road and now our house smells nice and balsam-y.  Philip strung up some lights on our porch, and a beautiful wreath came in the mail (thanks Lisa!). I finished Alice’s stocking, and now I just have to finish her red sweater and she’ll be set for all the holiday parties. I really, really love this time of year.

Alice also seems to be taking a shining to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year- she enjoyed sitting for her Christmas card portrait and is intrigued by the twinkling lights and decorations. She’s holding her head up very well now- she has dramatically improved that skill in the past week. We also heard her laugh for the first time this week, although she has yet to repeat it. It took a lot of dramatic smiling and laughing on my part to elicit that laugh…my face hurt afterwards. I took her to Baby Time at the library for the first time this morning and I was blown away by how engaged and smiley she was. I thought three months old would be too young, but she sat on my lap looking at the other babies and toddlers and genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself. It was pretty adorable.

A few photo highlights:

Did I mention that we got a new camera? Well, I took about 200 pictures of Alice the first day we got it.
I loved making Alice’s stocking. I kept thinking about how she’ll get to use it her entire life, which made me feel like I was doing very important work indeed.
Making cranberry walnut bread…
and working away on a tiny red sweater.
Alice met the nisse who visits us each Christmas.
I did mention how I took 200 pictures of Alice, didn’t I?
Charley would like to remind everyone that he’s still cute too, and is also feeling the Christmas spirit.
It still needs a star and the popcorn garland, but it’s looking good!
And we got the prettiest wreath sent all the way from my hometown! I hope it’s okay if I put in a little plug for Winter Wreaths of Franklin, Maine…

This is Philip’s last full week of classes, we have a friend visiting this weekend, and soon we’ll be wrapping gifts and getting ready for a Christmastime road trip. Hope you’re all listening to Christmas music and that your houses smell like Christmas trees!





2 thoughts on “Update-December 8

  1. Glad it got there safely. It looks so nice on your sweet little house. Love the stocking and the dress…wait, was that an elk head? Lisa

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