Update-November 30


We’ve been having so much fun lately. Alice had a fussy few days and then all of a sudden cheered up and has been the happiest, easiest baby for days now. She’s started sleeping for six hours in a row (not every night, mind you) and has developed a predictable little catnap/big nap/catnap/bedtime napping schedule. At church yesterday she was awake -but happy!- through the entire service. Later we went over to our neighbors’ house for dinner and she was happy the entire time and let everyone take turns holding her. Our baby happy in the evening?!! Incredible.

It was so nice to have Philip home over Thanksgiving break, and between him being home, Alice being so cheerful, and a fridge full of leftovers, I got to indulge in lots of holiday sewing and knitting. I currently have three different projects going on at once, since some activities can be done while sitting on the floor playing with a baby better than others.

Last week we took Alice to Cornell where she participated (in a manner of speaking) in an infant research study. She was supposed to sit in a little chair with a headband on and look at flashing rubber duckies while her movements and attention would be monitored. WELL! Philip said that she was just showing her disdain for the soft sciences, and I blamed the funny plastic seat and headband, but either way, she was having none of it. We had a good time though, because all the research assistants told us how cute Alice was, the professor in charge (who looked like Santa) said she was “spunky” in an admiring sort of way, and Alice was given a big copy of Goodnight Moon as a thank-you gift. By the way, don’t you think it makes perfect sense that Santa is a professor who studies infant attention? I’m sure that expertise comes in handy when developing toys. It’s also comforting to know that despite screaming and being non-cooperative, Santa is understanding and didn’t relegate our little girl to the naughty list.

After grousing all week about how Thanksgiving week somehow has become “Black Friday Week,” we actually made use of the Black Friday sales online to buy ourselves a camera that we’ve been talking about buying all year, and to purchase Alice some 3-6 month sized clothes. She isn’t quite ready for them yet, but I have a feeling that in another week or two she will be. On a related note, I find it disturbing that baby boys are marketed cozy thermal and waffle-weave onesies and fleece pants while girls are supposed to stay toasty in leggings and summer weight onesies. Luckily Alice enjoys shopping in the boys department.

A few photo highlights:

The reluctant test subject herself.
I found the best apple pie-making technique ever…precooking the apples slightly.
Alice’s grasping skills are pretty solid these days…


as are her napping skills.
Alice and Charley have several shared interests.
Alice enjoys helping me fold laundry…
and sitting on couches like a grownup.

It’s in the 20s this morning, there was a dusting of snow last week, and all down our street people have started putting up Christmas lights. I’m staying strong until December 1st at least….but later I might go down to the basement and sort through some boxes of decorations. The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching!



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