I was a little worried about Thanksgiving by ourselves with a new baby…but it turned out wonderfully. I was tempted briefly to cut corners, but in the end I’m glad we decided to go all out and make all the requisite Thanksgiving dinner elements. Alice was exceedingly cheerful while we cooked in the morning and then napped right through dinner. She was even happy through two facetime sessions with family. Charley enjoyed his scraps for dinner, the weather was warm enough for a long walk, and everything worked out perfectly.








Today we had pumpkin pie for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, and are looking forward to many days of leftovers ahead. The turkey bones are bubbling away in the crockpot and I’m getting started on Alice’s Christmas stocking. All is well!







2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. So delighted to see Virginia’s covered vegetable dish gracing your Thanksgiving table. It looks perfectly at home surrounded by your lovely meal. With Aunt Amee’s wine glasses, it was clearly a family celebration!

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