Herringbone Tunic


Oh yes I did spend half an hour of precious naptime snapping pictures of my latest sewing project! It inspired me to dust the bedroom, so one could consider it productive time.

I’ve been wanting to make a button down, loose-fitting tunic that would be cozy but also be somewhat elegant, but I wasn’t able to find a pattern that was exactly what I had in mind. Instead I heavily adapted my favorite blouse pattern (this) and am quite happy with the result. The pattern has a faux button placket and is actually for a pullover blouse, but I went ahead and sliced open the front. I also drafted a different sleeve as I wanted a slightly flared elbow length.



The fabric is just wonderful- it’s a heavy woven cotton flannel. I cannibalized the buttons from an old cardigan that has been asking to become a dust rag for a good year or more. They are so much nicer than the shell buttons I’ve bought at Jo-Ann’s in the past.


I’m pleased with the fit although my efforts at getting a decent picture of it on were largely unsuccessful.



It was a quick and easy project, but I find that my most worn garments are often my most simple projects.


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