Update-November 17


I was going to start out by apologizing for the fact that all my pictures this week are of Alice, but of course, that’s probably why you’re here anyway. I took a lot of cute pictures this week.

Today has been a great day. After several days in a row of a very fussy, hungry Alice (growth spurt, perhaps?) she woke up at 6 am this morning bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to play. We went out for bagels and Alice, model baby that she was, bumbled happily and then fell asleep on Philip’s lap. Since she was asleep, I figured I’d carpe diem and took her to the fabric store where I browsed the pattern sale and she snoozed. Once home we played on the bed for a good long while, she tolerated a whole three minutes of tummy time before starting to scream, and then she fell asleep again so that I could eat lunch and write a blog post. Oh, and did I mention that I took a shower this morning? As I said, it’s been a great day.


It got cold this week, and there was even another dusting of snow one morning. It’s also started to get dark by 4:30. This has resulted in more time inside for everyone and an earlier bedtime for Alice, which has allowed me time to read a book and make good progress on a little red sweater. The book was terrible, but the sweater is looking pretty cute.

It’s also been a good week for Charley. A deer ran through his backyard, his tie-out broke and he went to visit his friends across the street, and he got to spend lots of time inside on his chair because of the cold. To top it all off, we bought him a handsome new harness last night and got him a bag of rawhide bones.

A few photo highlights:

A box of goodies came from Oklahoma, including some fantastic books and a giraffe that is highly coveted by one red dog…
Alice doesn’t mind the cold weather and considers it an excellent excuse to curl up with a good book.
Everyone is always happy when Philip gets home.
Everyone is always happy when Philip gets home.
I spend lots of time trying to get a good photo of Alice smiling. Usually she notices the camera, becomes suspicious of my motive, and gives me a look more like….

I hope you’re all staying warm and having a great week-before-Thanksgiving.








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