Update- November 10


It’s beginning to feel like fall is winding down and getting ready to pass the torch off to winter. Most of the leaves have fallen and we can suddenly see into the neighbors’ yards and see the houses that have been hiding behind trees. This past weekend it seemed like all our neighbors did their raking and while they were piling up the leaves on the curb they tossed in their pumpkins and mums too. I’m leaving our pumpkins out a little longer, and I decided to buy a bouquet of mums at the grocery store. We have, however, discussed purchasing a snow shovel soon.

We had a friend come visit for a couple days this past week and we had a wonderful time just sitting around, eating leftovers and pumpkin pie and drinking pots of tea. Alice and Charley both enjoyed all the extra attention, and I enjoyed hours of catching up.

Alice had her two-month checkup and vaccinations last week, which she handled with great ease. She was 9lbs and 9oz and the doctor was happy with her growth. This week we decided to get serious about “tummy time” which Alice hates very, very much. The doctor recommended 30 minutes a day, which sounded daunting. Much to my surprise, after about 10 minutes of kicking and screaming while I try to encourage her by singing little songs and making her stuffed animals trot about in front of her, she quiets down and falls asleep. Of course, babies aren’t supposed to sleep on their tummies, but she looks so comfy that I sit next to her and read and check every minute or so just to make sure she doesn’t smother herself.

The usual photo highlights:

Alice was a great little hostess and enjoyed entertaining her house guest.
Alice finally calmed down after I made up about 10 extra verses to “Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea”…
and the next thing I knew she was out like a light.
Charley read the last few posts over and was feeling left out, so here’s his latest portrait.

On for this coming week: continuing my work on a new knitting project for Alice, buying a bushel of apples, and doing some fall deep cleaning.

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