Weekly Update- October 16


Don’t let this sad baby fool you- it’s been a great week around here. We had dinner at the home of some new friends, met up with neighbors who had been hankering to hold Alice, celebrated our third anniversary, went on another great hike, and enjoyed lots of sweet smiles from our little girl.

Alice loves the outdoors. When nothing else seems to make her happy taking her outside cheers her right up. She is fascinated by the sky and has really begun to enjoy our walks. She seems so inquisitive. Alice is also quite fond of her swing and of things dangling in front of her face. Sometimes I feel guilty about putting her in her swing and doing my own thing, but she clearly enjoys time by herself and always lets me know when she’s ready to be picked up and played with.

We enjoyed our anniversary, and Alice even took a dinner time nap in order to allow us to enjoy our dinner and cake. Dinner was pizza…but we ate it on my Grandmother Virginia’s wedding china and it was plenty celebratory. I didn’t have all the ingredients necessary for the annual carrot cake and I realllllly didn’t want to go to the store in the rain (actually, I didn’t have carrots, which most people would rightly consider necessary) but I made a carrot cake anyway. I used grated apple instead…not a substitution I would recommend in retrospect, but cream cheese frosting covers a multitude of sins. Philip gave me a flannel bathrobe complete with pockets and a hood and it’s really improved my evenings and early mornings.

One of the things I appreciate about having a baby is how efficient it’s teaching me to be. I’m managing to brush my teeth, keep the house under control, make tasty things to eat, keep Alice alive and happy and even sit down with tea and knit a few rows almost every day. When we first brought her home I thought I might never knit, sew, or bake a loaf of bread again until she left for kindergarten. Of course, it helps that my standards aren’t the highest when it comes to home tidiness…

A few photo highlights from the week:

It got really chilly and Alice sported the orange hat made by her great-grandmother.
I made bread…
and applesauce. Our neighbor brought over apples in exchange for tea and the experience of bouncing Alice around for a while. Also, notice that cute little compost bucket we got!
Alice bundled up and went on several outdoor adventures…
and also spent time swinging and gazing at the dangling stuffed birds.
The mock-carrot cake wasn’t the best, but we managed to make short work of it anyway.

This weekend is Philip’s fall break, and we have a list of all the fun things we want to do…and the things we need to do, like get flu shots and register our car. We’re also expecting a visit from Alice’s Nana and great-aunt this coming week, so we’ve got lots to look forward to.

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